Friday, September 15, 2006

A Special Luncheon At Tumbleweeds

Yesterday, I went to a working lunch at Tumbleweeds. Yea, I know, it sucks. But yesterday wasn't any ordinary lunch, it was one where dreams are made. You see, the gentleman at the table to right of me had decided that on a Thursday at lunch in a Tumbleweeds was indeed the right time and place to propose marriage to his girlfriend.

Now keep in mind, I've only seen a few marriage proposals in person, luckily none of them mine, but this one seemed to sport a lot more fist pumping than the others including one solid "five pump."

Since I've already told you about the fist pumping, as you can guess, the bride to be accepted the proposal which apparently wasn't spontaneous as the staff had been tipped off and the happy, happy, clappy singers approached the table even before she said yes.

Magic in the air.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing says "class" or "top notch" like a proposal at Tumbleweeds.