Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Reality Show

Since president Bush claims that the interrogation techniques he wants to codify with legislation pending in the Senate's Armed Services Committee are not torture, perhaps we can show the world that they aren't in the form that America loves most, the reality show.

Not only could we show the world that these techniques are safe, but that we are not afraid to have the same techniques used against our soldiers. Furthermore, I think it would be a real boost to morale among our troops if the Commander in Chief was the star of the show himself.

Think about it, would our soldiers fear waterboarding if they had already seen the CIC show them that it isn't much to worry about? And talk about upping that tough guy image in the world for Bush as he stumbles out of a forty hour stint in a cold room. Sure he would be disoriented as he emerged, but would anyone really be able to discern any difference from his normal appearance?

I'm thinking of a working title of Not Torturing The Prez. Prez spelled with a z to appeal to that hip 21-35 demographic. I think the z gives it some more zazz, if zazz really is a word (Spellcheck tells me it isn't, but spellcheck isn't written by Hollywood TV executives, so what do they know). Naturally, this program would have to appear on Fox, perhaps they could bring back Man vs Beast as a lead in.

To be honest, if we really want to show the world how tough we are, I think we would be crazy not to not torture the president. Can't do it with Cheney however, that old bastard would surely have a heart attack.

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