Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I was going to write about the new terror related push by the administration, but ran out of time and now I see Attytood picked up on the same thing here. Anyway, the latest buzz word being floated to scare you into voting republican is complacency. You see, if Americans get complacent about terrorism, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE. So make sure you don't get complacent about it. Even the FBI has gotten in on the act to warn you not to be complacent.

The administration and the FBI are entering dangerous territory here. The FBI surely doesn't want you and every other crackpot flooding their phone lines with every sort of imagined plot that goes in your head. That is precisely what they are going to get, and while the feds are off checking on your fantasy that your neighbor is a terrorist, they're not doing the necessary police work required to catch actual terrorists. PR campaigns like this one are actually counterproductive as they stoke the fears of less than rational people, but I guess winning a few more House seats is far more important than your actual safety.

The FBI already wastes countless man hours chasing false tips, a lot of them generated by various NSA spying programs, we shouldn't be out there making the problem worse.

A can say with great certainty that nearly every single one of you will never encounter a terrorist in your lifetime, neither in planning or execution of the plot. You are overwhelmingly more likely in this country to be killed by gun violence or in a car crash.

When was the last time you were warned about complacency while driving? This is ridiculous.

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