Thursday, September 14, 2006

Desperation: Smell It

The day after a group of prominent republicans announced they would endorse Ted Strickland, the GOP issued the most pathetic press release I have ever seen entitled "Slop & Sour Grapes." Dumb title, Dumb content. From Openers:

A day after blaming the media for keeping alive interest in convicted Republican kingmaker Tom Noe, who once was a darling of GOP fundraising, the Republican party now points out that Saxbe was once Noe's attorney on the case.

"That's right. Rocky Saxbe was hired to defend Mr. Corruption himself, the infamous coin dealer, Tom Noe," read the statement from state party spokesman John McClelland.

Also, Saxbe and his partners were paid $265 million for winning a $10.1 billion settlement for
Ohio in a multi-state lawsuit against tobacco companies.

Damn, did I miss the announcement that the party whose candidate won't release his tax returns now thinks that Ohio citizens should eschew making money? Even at the low rate Saxbe charged the state? I mean, is a lawyer charging his client 2-1/2% anything to get excited about? And sure, Saxbe defended Tom Noe for a time, but that is what lawyers do. If a lawyer defends a murderer, does that mean he believes murder is okay? Of course not.

More from Openers:

Saxbe is also the personal attorney for televangelist Rod Parsley, a major backer of Blackwell's policies. Blackwell spokesman Carlo LoParo said it was disingenuous for Saxbe to condemn Blackwell's social views and represent one of his biggest supporters.

This is fantastic. One of the things you should never do in a press release is say something that can be thrown right back in your candidates face. Thank you Carlo!!

So, if you would say that is disingenuous for Saxbe to condemn Blackwell while representing Parsley, would you also say that it is disingenuous for Blackwell to condemn abortion while investing in the company that makes Plan B? Or how about condemning gambling while investing in the manufacturer of slot machines? Seems pretty disingenuous to me!!

What you're seeing here is a tale of two very different politicians. Strickland is a man that can reach across party lines to unite Ohioans to serve the common good while Blackwell is divisive and pretty as he pushes for the good of few, against the needs of many.

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