Thursday, September 28, 2006


As far as the execution of the Iraq War goes, this paragraph from the Washington Post sums up the war as a whole pretty well. From the Post:

The Baghdad Police College, hailed as crucial to U.S. efforts to prepare Iraqis to take control of the country's security, was so poorly constructed that feces and urine rained from the ceilings in student barracks. Floors heaved inches off the ground and cracked apart. Water dripped so profusely in one room that it was dubbed "the rain forest."
John Boehner said yesterday on Hardball that Congress was providing good oversight in the Iraq War and that several members had been to Iraq to personally oversee that things are going well and claimed they were. Perhaps on future trips we should house Boehner in the shit drip room though I doubt he would be able to see the trees for "the rain forest."

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