Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Greatless Generation

Not long after Bush took office, I was having a conversation with my father. I told him in no uncertain terms that my grandparents generation had built some of the greatest social mechanisms the world had ever seen, but his generation had spent their whole lives trying to fuck it up.

Think about it. The worst of the sixties, baby boomers. The drug induced seventies, same people, just a little older. The "Me" generation of the eighties, same people, just a little older. The CEO generation in the nineties of now Enron and others fame are the same fucking people just a little older. And now these dickless people are running the country telling us we should absolutely be terrified because this is the greatest test they have ever had to face. By the way, we'll also never forgive you for that horrible urban cowboy phase either.

Anyway, I was never able to put the pieces together as to why. Digby puts it all in perspective with this post. Go read it.

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