Friday, December 02, 2005

We're Still Letting Them Die: Iraq Version

Ten Marines were killed by an IED today comprised of several large artillery shells outside Falluja.

Okay, your average Iraqi doesn't have large artillery shells lying around the house. These shells were pilfered from one of the many ammunition dumps around Iraq that the Pentagon didn't deem necessary for destruction. Hell, we didn't even guard them. We just let the insurgency stroll in to shop till they dropped these bombs in holes to kill American soldiers.

This is a total clusterfuck that must firmly be laid at the feet of George Bush. If a major conflict erupted right now we would have to go nuclear as we now don't have the troops, and for that matter the munitions to fight it. We need to pull back to Kuwait now to regroup. But we're not going to do that because the war we were told that would last weeks now requires patience. I'd wager about three more years of patience.

Again, why does Donald Rumsfeld still have a job?

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