Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Idiots And, Well, Idiots

Howard Dean was an idiot for what he said that the idea we could win the Iraq War is "just plain wrong." I agree with him at this point due to the leadership running this country, but as head of the DNC, you just can't make statements like this or even if it was taken out of context, statements close to this. It doesn't play well politically. You've got the base Howard, go get the middle.

That being said, President Bush's statement yesterday is equally idiotic, and somewhat quixotic. Bush said, "I know we're going to win," and "Our troops need to hear not only are they supported, but that we have got a strategy that will win."

What strategy is Bush talking about? I certainly hope he's not talking about that buzz word filled glossy piece of crap from last week that was written in no small part by a White House pollster. Then again, it was shiny so Bush might believe it. I guess we'll just keep on skipping down the IED laden road to stay the courseville.

The strange part is "I know we're going to win." Is Bush harking back to his cheerleader days in college? Exactly what part of this fiasco has led Bush to this conclusion? I don't get it. All I see are continuing American casualties, increasing Iraqi military and police fatalities, and strengthening private militias. None of those things add up to a win.

Today is the anniversary of Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Sounds like the perfect time for somebody in the White House to sit Bush down for a sneak attack of reality.

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