Friday, December 16, 2005

Know Your Hacks

I'm sure you've been sitting around wondering who is our Chairman of The Congressional Advisory Board on Missile Defense. His name is Jeff "Skunk" Baxter. If you're an older reader you might be thinking, "Back in the seventies, I used to get high with a guy named Jeff Baxter. I think he played in a band, what were they called? Oh yea, the Doobie Brothers."

Yep, same guy.


Jeff said...

I think that he was also in Steely Dan. And Steely Dan is heading up the Presidential Advisory Board on Torture. As I understand it, Mr. Dan advocates the playing of his music to detainees in order to get them to talk.

Phlip said...

What do you think waterboarding really is? They play "Black Water" by the Doobie Brothers over and over again. Unfortunately, this also drives our guards to suicide as well.