Friday, December 09, 2005

NeyDay, NeyDay, I'm Going Down

It looks like the Nigel Winfield story is starting to bubble to the surface. Winfield is the three time convicted felon Bob Ney met with at a private casino in London. The Dispatch has the story today:

Ney had dinner during the trip at a posh London casino with FN Aviation Director Nigel Winfield, a convicted felon whose offenses have included tax evasion, and Fouad al-Zayat, a Syrian-born businessman known as a high-stakes casino gambler. Walsh has said Ney did not know about Winfield’s background.

Ney returned to the same casino on a personal trip later in 2003 and reported on his financial disclosure form that he won $34,000. Walsh has said Ney parlayed a $100 bet into the large winning on two hands of a three-card game of chance. Questions arose over the FN Aviation trip when NBC News in May reported Winfield’s background and disclosed Zayat’s involvement with the company.

The posh casino in question is Les Ambassadeurs, and don't think Las Vegas posh, this joint costs £1,000 ($1,754.27) just to get in the door. It's a ultra high end casino where hundred of thousand of dollars loosely change hands. Ney's "$100 bet" would be like ordering a hot dog at a steak house. In fact, I doubt they even have table limits that low.

When Ney "won" the $34,000, he got in as a member's guest and although Ney's lawyer claim he doesn't know who the member was, my money is on Winfield or Zayat. Both are members.

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