Wednesday, May 09, 2007

This Is Scary

Check out this exchange between Charlie Rose and Condi Rice. From Think Progress:

ROSE: I sense — and you can tell me this is absolutely wrong — that the Administration and you as the point person are looking for a strategy for the United States to exit from Iraq.

RICE: No, we’re looking for a strategy that is going to do what we went there to do, which is to help the Iraqis create a more stable environment, lay a foundation for democracy and national reconciliation to evolve in Iraq, and to leave an Iraq or to have an Iraq that is able to defend itself and secure itself.


RICE: So our friends in the neighborhood need to know and the Iraqis need to know that we are not looking to leave Iraq. That’s not why this President went into Iraq and it’s not how –

ROSE: Ever?

RICE: Charlie, we are not going to leave an Iraq that is not capable of defending itself and with a foundation for future reconciliation.

ROSE: Do you believe you’ll have the support of the American people to do that?

RICE: I think that the American people are looking for progress and so are we.


ROSE: But nobody can answer the question: If it doesn’t happen, what?

RICE: Charlie, because as the President said to you, we’re focused on having it happen.

Yea, don't worry Charlie, We've got the number one fuck-up in the free world, George Bush, on the case, and nothing he ever touches turns to shit.

To make a baseball analogy, if George was the manager of the '27 Yankees, he could have brought that team in for a last place finish, and that would have been hard to do. But George Bush understands that things are hard to do, I've heard him say so.

So, no Charlie, we're never leaving, but we did just get a great deal on body bags.

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