Tuesday, May 08, 2007

C: All Of The Above

It looks like Multiple Choice Mitt's failure to raise his hand to deny he believed at the debate the other night has set off some of the alarms bells from the conservative purists. When pressed on the issue by conservative Christian David Brody, Romney issued a statement through a spokesman that said, "Governor Romney believes both science and faith can help inform us about the origins of life in this world."

In other words, Romney chose "all of the above." This has to be a particular slap in the face to conservative Christians who opened up their checkbooks in the first quarter of this year to a tune of $23 million, only to have one of their pet issues thrown back at them like a used towel.

Brody, isn't impressed with Romney's clarification. From CBN News:

With all due respect, what does that mean exactly? It leaves me with more questions. I have asked for further clarification which I assume will be forthcoming here at the Brody File. I have now asked the Romney campaign specifically if he believes in Darwin's theory of Evolution or does he take the Creationist view? The answer above suggests that he may believe in both. I'm not saying he does. I'm just saying I'm a tad bit confused by the answer.

Here's the key point. The majority of Born Again Evangelicals take the Creationist viewpoint. Some Evangelicals already have concerns about Romney's Mormon faith. He needs support from Evangelicals to win. That's why this issue is an important one that needs to be cleared up. I don't think this is an issue that Romney can avoid. I believe his views need to be clear.

Get used to it Brody, this guy views strictly adhere to "what will get me votes today?"

And to be honest, at least he isn't talking about Mormons in space today.

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The most surprising thing is that you were reading the Christian Broadcasting Network news.