Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Orin Hatch: Complete Moron

I haven't had much time to blog lately as our company is running at about 195% capacity, but I just heard Orrin Hatch on Washington Post Radio and it pretty much made me want to throw the speakers out the window.

First Hatch complained and complained about the how Washington has gotten too damn partisan. Tough luck. It sure didn't seem to be a problem for the last few years when the republicans were in charge. No, Hatch and the others all bellied up to the trough to get their fill.

Secondly, Hatch paraded about that tired old story that if we leave Iraq, the terrorists will follow us here. That is simply bullshit. It isn't like we have these people pinned down in Iraq. In fact, the opposite is true. Damn near ten percent of that country have simply left it, just walked out the door. Do you really think anyone there who wishes to do us harm here can't simply do the same thing.

This brings me to a question. Did Hatch say these things as a partisan talking point? Or is he totally bereft of any knowledge of fighting terrorism?

Look, you don't stop terrorism with a large scale military incursion. In a way, the war on terror is a lot like the war on drugs, that is, it's not a war at all. It is a police action. Yes, you may need some small task forces of special operation types to go to some nasty places and do nasty things to nasty people, but large scale uses of force don't work because along the way you get bogged down by the numerous distractions that those uses of force bring.

It is also fought through interdiction, and the intelligence that allows you the chance to do so. These are things the republican party has woefully neglected though not securing neither our borders nor our ports, not to mention the fact that we our used a good deal of our intelligence assets to prepare for and a few to conduct the unnecessary Iraq War.

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