Friday, May 04, 2007

A Message To You, Rudy

Although I didn't watch the republican debate last night, all I've heard about today is that Rudy is A-OK with abortion, well that, and if Zombie Reagan could drag his old bones out of the ground he would totally win!

Anyway, I got the opportunity yesterday to listen to Richard Viguerie, the legendary conservative activist, on the radio yesterday. His take on the candidates was that he really didn't care much for any of the republican candidates, but was open to some, but said in no uncertain terms, if Rudy Giuliani win the republican nomination he would tear the republican party to the ground. (Not exact quote, but close)

So, Rudy has managed to piss off the theocrats, as well as the staunch traditional conservatives, yet he leads in the polls. That leads me to believe that his supporters are among the less active republican voters. In other words, he leads on soft support, and soft support gets you one thing in a primary. Killed.

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