Monday, May 07, 2007

George Bush The Uniter

Well, it looks like George Bush and the modern republican party have succeeded in uniting the American people on one thing. That being the hatred of George Bush and the modern republican party. In the latest Newsweek poll, only 24% of registered voters identify themselves with the republican party. If you look at the public in general, that number drops to 22%. The Democratic numbers are 36% and 35% respectively.

And if you look at the way Independents have been breaking lately towards the Democrats, the republicans are in real trouble. All this occurs with the deck stacked against us, but if we can keep this momentum to the end of the decade, our gains at the state and local level should allow us to redistrict a lot of districts to make them more winnable. The bottom line is that there are at least another 25-30 seats out there in the US House that we can pick up.

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