Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Wish

Lately, blow hard republicans have been calling for an investigation into the NSA spying leak. Watch what you wish for bitches, I will now join you. I want a special prosecutor appointed to the case, one with broad prosecutorial powers. Someone who will prosecute all crimes committed. Let's throw all of the dirty laundry on the lawn and let the public see whose dirty undies have racing stripes.

That's why all this will simply go away. Radio and television shills for the administration are a little too small cocked to go all the way when their guy, and for that matter their girl's head is on the chopping block. It would be nice though to fulfill Condi's dream of being someone without a cock's bitch.

1 comment:

_jjs said...

Phil you make me laugh .. go on call some more people bitches it just cracks me up.