Wednesday, November 23, 2005

They Write Letters

Rebecca Lusignolo-McGlone writes a letter to today's Dispatch imploring people to leave Thanksgiving alone. She's talking about the supposed "War on Christmas" that has been trumpeted by the right the last couple of years. From the Dispatch:

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this quote in an Ohio Historical Society tract while attending a school field trip a couple of weeks ago. Rather than mentioning the Thanksgiving holiday by name, it was listed as "a day set aside to celebrate good fortune." This, by the self-described historical society!

These people are nuts. I don't know how the whole Happy Holidays thing got turned into a conspiracy by the left to attack Christians, but it isn't. These things are focus grouped and studied to death by marketers and apparently they feel it helps them sell more crap, period. I personally don't care, but let me be the first to wish you a better than average end of the year annual events time period. May whatever gift giving fiasco you celebrate be fruitful.

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mb said...

Some people just need to feel that they're the focus of a conspiratorial repression of some sort to justify their jingoistic, paranoid delusions of being important. The fact is these are lame, loney, white, middle class losers who don't have much to add to society and aren't willing to learn about the real world around them when there is so much going on Fox News that they just have to monitor to prove that they are being repressed. As they slowly suck all of the oxygen out of the planet we die.