Monday, November 21, 2005

Closing Time

The bar that me and my crew hang out at, Brian Borus, is closing. It is located in an apartment complex that went condo and the condo association doesn't want a bar there so they bought the business to close it. It will become some sort of crappy retail space. So, where do we move to? We go out a lot, and we spend a lot of money. We debated over the weekend what demands we should put for the new hang out to acquire our business. (We really spend a lot of money at bars) One bar manager has already offered us ten% off of our tabs. We also debated buying our own bar.

Use the comments to put in your input into what bar should be our new hang out. We would prefer to stay in the Short North. Food is always a plus, as is a large amount of bar space. (We would rather sit at the bar than at tables) Also, and I hate to admit this being the good liberal I am, some hotties on the staff doesn't hurt either. Anyway, any ideas are appreciated.


mb said...

Reality bites and all that.

Who offered the discount... I'm very susceptible to coupons and such...

We all kinda know several of the local holes (too) well, but there are also several we don't know... should we recruit a scouting party and do some taste-tests?

I agree that staying in the bubble is good form... but is that new Surly Girl going to be too far? It's worth a shot if only because of the food at Betty's and the chance to forge a new spot as it opens... I can't remember what the bar actually looks like from the previous owners.

on others:
1. Macs... lots of good food, but lots of smells that stay with your clothes, bar rarely has space needed... good servers and staff
2. SNT... we all have been to it a million times and still frequent it... but it has an existing crew and is hit or miss on foods
3. 670Cap stuff... nah
4. Union Station... cheap and food... but somehow I just don't see this working out...
5. Press G... good food, occassional cuties, great location... tiny bar space
6. Rossi... I just don't know...
7. Zenos and B. Hamptons... close to me... far from others... great backups though for winter nights... and both have pool tables/food/totally random crowds. I'm so lazy Hamptons will likely be a filler for me until the BBclan votes.
8. Mike's no-name bar... good on occassion, but I'm afraid to go regular... p-man does have quite a nice vernacular and wardrobe...
9. Skullys... hard to imagine... no food?
10. R Bar in Arena district... off beaten path in high turnout zone... is near food, random crowds, bad on parking... but I actually have been a couple times and enjoyed...
11. Spice... not my crowd... but some servers we know have popped up there.

Jeff said...

My vote is for either Macs (very close, but a bit small) or Novaks (patio, but may be a bit far).

Let the interview process begin...

JD said...

If the new bar must be in the SN, then my opinion consists of the following:


Macs: No

Union Station: Maybe

Barley's: Maybe

Frog Bear: No

Byrgandy Room: Maybe

Novak's: Maybe

St. James's: Yes

Mike's: Maybe

Rossi: No

Press G: Maybe

Needs: Bar Space, Television, Someone to tell me which bar is selected

Wants: Smoking Area, Windows

mb said...

TV size, number and ability to control channels is definitely a plus. My only real gripe with Novaks is the plastic cups and bottles... hate those. Parking can also be an issue. St. James is a good bar, but I haven't been there in a long time.

MJK said...

I say send PS into Union Station on "no shirt nights" and we will have the bar all to ourselves in a few short weeks.

If that does not work...

SNT - maybe
Betty's - very small
Mac's - maybe
Spice - forget it
Park Street Tavern - don't know it that well...maybe a good prospect...scouting party required for this
Press - too small
Mike's - too high brow
Burgundy Room - too low brow
Rigsby's - Kenny likes it
MoJo - too much coffee
Novak's - too many stairs (ouch my ankle) no parking
Char Bar - any parking?
Rossi - too small
Skully's - too far

I'm up for a scouting party party or a meeting of the minds at BB sometime real soon. No shots until this issue is decided, otherwise the usually high minded conversation and discussion will turn decidedly low.

Jeff said...

Scouting party to Novak's last night revealed a nice place with a good amount of bar space. MJK is right about the stairs, however there should be no paint cans on the steps. $1.00 domestic happy hour until 9:00 p.m. (HUGE PLUS). Phlip reviewed Park Street and only drawback is too much live music.

We should consider more scouting parties soon. Also we want to see financial statements of potential places to determine that they will not close down shortly after we begin congregating there.

mb said...

Once Turkey is turned into sandwiches... let's get scouting. I'm up for hitting Park Street soon, is it live music during happy hour? every night? It is close to spice, so occassionally we can sneak out and see the yups in line to remember the good lives we left behind. I'm up for trying novaks as well... I'll bring a paint can...

JD said...

When is the next scouting party?