Tuesday, November 15, 2005


It looks like the Bush administration is now collapsing under the weight of the pre-war intelligence. Today, the New York Times runs a lead editorial effectively calls Bush a liar. That's an upgrade in the rhetoric. From the Times:

Yesterday in Alaska, Mr. Bush trotted out the same tedious deflection on Iraq that he usually attempts when his back is against the wall: he claims that questioning his actions three years ago is a betrayal of the troops in battle today.

It all amounts to one energetic effort at avoidance. But like the W.M.D. reports that started the whole thing, the only problem is that none of it has been true.

EJ Dionne piles on in the Washington Post noting that "the president clearly needs to tend to his credibility problems. But his partisan attacks on the administration's critics, in a Veterans Day speech last week and in Alaska yesterday, will only add to his troubles."

As for my two cents, in the two speeches mentioned by Dionne, the Bush administration is starting to sound like a small child who blames the dog for coloring on the walls.

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