Friday, April 20, 2007

O Alberto

How brilliant is this. The guy on the left attended Alberto Gonzales' hearing yesterday and kept track of the number of times Gonzales said I don't recall. Sixty-four times was the final result. A week and a half to prepare and Gonzales still has to say I don't recall sixty-four times. Our Delusion-in-Chief released this statement through spokesperson Dana Perino. From TPM:

President Bush was pleased with the Attorney General’s testimony today. After hours of testimony in which he answered all of the Senators’ questions and provided thousands of pages of documents, he again showed that nothing improper occurred. He admitted the matter could have been handled much better, and he apologized for the disruption to the lives of the U.S. Attorneys involved, as well as for the lack of clarity in his initial responses. The Attorney General has the full confidence of the President, and he appreciates the work he is doing at the Department of Justice to help keep our citizens safe from terrorists, our children safe from predators, our government safe from corruption, and our streets free from gang violence.

Okay, nobody believes that, even Bush himself I presume, but for whatever reason the White House has decided to make a stand, but united they stand divided they fall and the White House seems to be divided. Various White House sources were sniping anonymously through the press even as Gonzales was testifying. Atrios notes the following quotes heard on CNN:

"Going down in flames."
"Not doing himself any favors."
"Watching clubbing a baby seal." (watching testimony)
"Very troubling."
"Don't understand that tactic Gonzales used."

I'll give him a couple of weeks and then he's probably gone.

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