Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth Day Golfing

Yesterday, to celebrate Earth Day, I decided to play a round of golf at Raymond, which is a city course. I haven't been able to play for around eighteen months due to a back injury so I wasn't expecting to score very well and I didn't. Still, a 105 after such a long layoff isn't terrible, especially when you factor in that I had a forty putt round. Enough about me though.

The city of Columbus is trying to make strides at becoming a greener city, so I was very surprised to find out that a city course would be using gas powered carts at their courses rather than the cleaner electric ones. Yea, I could walk, but one man walking instead of riding isn't going to solve the problem. The city needs to replace these carts which I would guess are leased. It is probably too late for this year, but next year the city needs to make the leap to electric carts. Our green spaces shouldn't be carbon producers.

And I understand that the electric produced to charge those carts produces carbon, but carbon sequestration at power plants is another issue that we ought to be looking at as well.

In other environmental news, this diary at Kos is scary as hell.

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