Monday, April 09, 2007

Blinded By The Smite

Wow, Dahlia Lithwick swung for the fences yesterday and hit a line drive into the left field seats. (She obviously was not in Cleveland) From the WAPO:

We may agree or disagree on that proposition, but it certainly explains how Goodling came to confuse working to advance Gonzales's agenda with working to advance God's. But while God may well want more prayer in public schools, it's not clear that He wanted David Iglesias fired on a pretext.

Is there anything wrong with legal scholarship from a Christian perspective? Not that I see. Is there anything wrong with a Bush administration that disproportionately uses graduates from Christian law schools to fill its staffing needs? Not that I see. It's a shorthand, no better or worse than cherry-picking the Federalist Society or the American Bar Association. I can't even get exercised over the fact that Gonzales, Karl Rove and Harriet Miers had their baby lawyers making critical staffing decisions. The baby lawyers had extremely clear marching orders.

No, the real concern here is that Goodling and her ilk somehow began to conflate God's work with the president's. Probably not a lesson she learned in law school. The dream of Regent and its counterparts, such as Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, is to redress perceived wrongs to Christians, to reclaim the public square and reassert Christian political authority. And while that may have been a part of the Bush/Rove plan, it was only a small part. Their real zeal was for earthly power. And Goodling was left holding the earthly bag.

It's why Bush's approval rating can't go much lower. There is a significant portion of the country that worships Bush like a God in spite of all of the ungodly things his administration does in their quest for worldly power.

And when they do these thing, all is forgiven, because when the administration's critics are attacked by Karl Rove and his echo chamber of various right wing organizations those attacks to them represent the acting out of the right hand of God. In short, they are blinded by the smite.

Go read the whole piece.

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