Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bush Speaks

Ah, there were some gems in yesterday's presidential press conference. Two things stood out in particular. From the Washington Post:

It has now been 57 days since I requested that Congress pass emergency funds for our troops. Instead of passing clean bills that fund our troops on the front lines, the House and Senate have spent this time debating bills that undercut the troops. but substituting the judgment of politicians in Washington for the judgment of our commanders on the ground, setting an arbitrary deadline for withdrawal from Iraq, and spending billions of dollars on pork-barrel projects completely unrelated to the war.

As Think Progress has noted, the last Congress, led by the republicans took 86 and 119 days to return the previous two supplemental spending bills. To be fair though, this Congress, and for that matter, any Congress should be expected to legislate more effectively than the last Congress. They were kind of busy making sure their boot-licks got the best of the American Treasury.

This also struck me as funny. From the Post:

Still, the Democrats in Congress continue to pursue their bills. And now they have left Washington for spring recess without finishing the work.

The President then promptly left for Easter break. Vacation, it's what he does best.

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