Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Jack Pack Is Back

It looks like we are getting ready for another indictment as a result of the Jack Abramoff investigation. Italia Federici, who ran one of Ambramoff's front groups, Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, has received a target letter from the Justice Department. From the Legal Times:

Federici was central to the charges against J. Steven Griles, the former deputy secretary of the Interior Department who pleaded guilty March 23 to misleading Senate investigators about his relationship with Abramoff, the infamous then-Greenberg Traurig lobbyist who pleaded guilty to several felonies last year.

As part of a plea, Griles admitted that because of his romantic relationship with Federici, he “gave Abramoff more credibility as a lobbyist” and “distinguished him from other lobbyists.”

According to the Jan. 19 target letter filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, investigators are looking at whether Federici violated five statutes in connection with running the group: conspiracy to defraud the United States, tax evasion, impeding the Internal Revenue Service, and obstructing proceedings and making false statements before the Senate. The letter makes no mention of Abramoff or Griles.

Federal officials also informed Federici that they believe she “may have assisted others in depriving the American Public of honest services of at least one administration official,” the letter states.

The letter advised Federici to seek an attorney and asked if she would be willing to plead guilty and cooperate with investigators. Whether she is currently cooperating or played a role in Griles’ plea is unknown.

Ah, young love. And who amongst us can forget the first time we ratted out a girlfriend to the feds. As for whether or not she'll plead guilty, the once high flying Federici has asked for a public defender.

Found via TPM Muckraker.

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