Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sadly, Molly Ivins Has Passed

Molly Ivins has died. If there is one thing I'll never forget in my life about Molly Ivins, it is a story she told about a Texas politician facing a tough re-election, though I can't remember his name. Anyway, the story goes as such.

A Texas politician was facing a tough re-election so he came up with the brilliant idea of having his brother-in-law shoo him in the arm with a shotgun. He filed a false police report and with his newly wounded wing held in place with a red, white, and blue sling hit the campaign trial.

While out on the stump he told everyone who asked about his arm that he had been shot by, get this, satanic communists who hated him because he was so pro-family. To be honest, I'm surprised someone hasn't tried this recently substituting terrorists for the aforementioned satanic communists.

His re-election started to look up, but then it all came tumbling down. There was a witness. In fact, that witness happened to be the shooter. After a few too many Lone Stars down at the local roadhouse the brother-in-law let the cat out of the bag. Unfortunately, a supporter of the other candidate found out and called the county sheriff.

A warrant was issued for the politician and acting on a tip, the Texas Rangers executed a search warrant of the politician's mother's house. They found him cuddled up inside the storage section of his mother's television / stereo console set. (This story obviously goes back a few years)

That was that for the politician's career.

Thanks for the many other memories from your years of great writing Molly, you will be missed.

Update: Apparently this guy's name was Mike Martin

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