Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dizzy Lizzy Cheney

Dickhead Cheney has an approval rating in the mid teens, so today, he puts his daughter out there to write a OP-ED in the Washington Post. Not miss turkey baster mind you, but the other nitwit, Liz. It is one of the most fatuous pieces I've ever read. Let me break down Ms. Cheney's talking points that, to be honest, nobody believes anymore. From the Washington Post:

We are at war. America faces an existential threat.

Yes, this threat is so damn existential that the government has went out of its way to demand that the American people make absolutely no sacrifice, unless you happen to be one of those poor souls getting ready to ship out for their third or fourth deployment. I'm sorry, but the only existential threat here is to the movement you belong to, and the military is for the defense of this country, not to be used as lubrication for your lifestyle.

Quitting helps the terrorists.

You know what really, really helped the terrorists? Starting. Before setting off on this fool's folly, we had the backing of the entire international community in the fight on terrorism, a weapon more powerful than anything a brigade of marines can hump around in the sand. Now, we've lost that. And to make matters worse, we've brought the violence and occupation that breeds such things from the mountains of the middle of nowhere to one of the most strategic places on earth.

As for the redeployment you bemoan as quitting, nope, you're wrong. Your father and his cohorts royally fucked this thing up. Our best shot now is to redeploy and attempt to contain. You see, it's a hell of a lot better to stand outside the circle and shoot in than to stand in the middle and shoot out.

Beware the polls. In November the American people expressed serious concerns about Iraq (and about Republican corruption and scandals). They did not say that they want us to lose this war. They did not say that they want us to allow Iraq to become a base for al-Qaeda to conduct global terrorist operations. They did not say that they would rather we fight the terrorists here at home.

24 is a fucking TV show you stupid twit. Our presence in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with their capabilities here in this country. What, you think they can't spare a dozen guys to carry out an operation here? No, they fight us there because we are there and it's easy to do. 99.9999% of the actual jihadists in Iraq are doing so because it is convenient for them to do so. They might walk across the street to kill an American, but they don't have any real operational prowess to carry out attacks in the rest of the world.

Retreat from Iraq hurts us in the broader war. We are fighting the war on terrorism with allies across the globe, leaders such as Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan and Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan.

The exact opposite is true, staying there hurts us in the broader war. As for those leaders you note, Karzai is worthless and Musharraf, well, friends like these, who needs enemies?

Our soldiers will win if we let them. Read their blogs. Talk to them. They know that free people must fight to defend their freedom. No force on Earth -- especially not an army of terrorists and insurgents -- can defeat our soldiers militarily.

No shit. This just shows a fundamental lack of understanding of the situation. The terrorism that we see in Iraq is not part of a greater movement, it is simply a tactic used by an inferior fighting force because they cannot fight us militarily. I'm sure the British thought we were terrorists in the American Revolution when we refused to stand in a line and get shot by them. It's the same thing. And like us in the American Revolution, as the home team they have a lot more to fight for than we do. Namely in this case, several trillion dollars worth of oil.

After reading Liz Cheney on Iraq, I'm surprised we haven't done even more poorly than we have.

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