Tuesday, March 29, 2005

If You Want To Play, Pay

The Ohio Restoration Project is planning on mobilizing 2000 religious leaders to take over Ohio's republican party and elect Ken Blackwell governor. Here is a great quote.

"The establishment of the Ohio Republican Party is out of touch with its base," said Russell Johnson, the pastor of the Fairfield Christian Church and the principal organizer of the project. "It acts as if it lives in Boston, Mass."

I think you're the one out of touch if you believe that. The nut jobs are coming folks, so get ready. One of the reasons this is dangerous is the recent emergence of big box Jesus. These mega churches make it easier to reach large crowds with a single nut job.

However they do have a little problem. It's called the federal tax code. Since 1954, churches have had to remain non-partisan in order to retain their 501-3c tax exempt status. This is a clear violation of non-partisanship. So, how many these churches do you think are willing to give up their exempt status? I'd be willing to wager to number is close to zero.

So if you want to play, you gotta pay. Taxes that is.


Anonymous said...

Any idea if this Thirteen Senses is getting a US release?

Phlip said...

Not that I have heard of.