Monday, March 28, 2005

Debt Xenophobia as a 2006 issue

Some Democrats are pushing debt xenophobia as a campaign issue in 2006. This is a loser. Why o why do democrats continue to search for obtuse issues that average voters either can't or don't want to bother to understand. Nobody cares about this and it is an easy issue for republicans to turn around on Dems. I can hear the attack ads now. Democrats don't want people to invest in the good ole USA. The only possible meme about this that could work is that the republicans are selling the country out from under you, but it won't work. When either party pushes xenophobia they push people to vote for republicans. Why? Because the republican party is the party of xenophobes. This didn't work with the oh so great issue of outsourcing in 2004, and it won't work with debt xenophobia in 2006. Attack the real issue here head on. The issue is runaway spending and deficits, not who is buying our T-Notes. Pound them for spending like drunken sailors in a strip club. That you can easily do in a thirty second ad. Remember, in politics, if you can't say it in thirty seconds, it's not important to your campaign.

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