Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Beisbol Been Berry Berry Good To Me

Could Bud Selig be any dumber? If I was getting threats to get called down on the carpet by Congress about steroids in America's national pastime, I would try to find a doctor that had managed to get into an American medical school to help craft steroid policy. The NYT has the story. Dr. Elliot Pellman claims to have a medical degree for SUNY Stoney Brook, but he does not. Why? Because he attended medical school in sunny Guadalajara, Mexico. You have to admit it's pretty close, sunny and SUNY. Henry Waxman sums it up with this quote.

"Major League Baseball told us Dr. Pellman was their foremost expert, but he was unable to answer even basic questions about the league's steroid policy at the hearing. This new information raises further questions about his credibility and the credibility of baseball's steroid policy."

Baseball has no credibility here. Next Monday is opening day. I can't wait to be sitting in the bleachers at Great America Ballpark listening to the soda jockeys call out Cream and Clear here! Fresh Cream and Clear here!


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