Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm Alive

Just in case you might of thought that I died or something, this post proves you wrong. I've been busy, and a little burned out on writing here so I took a few days off.

But now I'm back just in time for the best week of the year. Yes, March Madness starts this week and the first week is always the best week. Speaking of basketball, a couple of things.

First, the Dick Vitale ads for Hooters has got to be the worst national ad campaign I've ever seen. The script is terrible, and the production values are even worse. Did they hire a high school AV club to shoot these ads?

Secondly, the University of North Carolina is a pretty prestigious university. Do you think they could maybe get Tyler Hansbrough a mask in which the eye holes line up with his eyes? What do they think he is? A fish?

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