Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Return

As you know, this blog has been silent for the past couple of weeks. The reason for this is that a combination of workload and sleep deviation (not deprivation) have left me somewhat numb since the time change occurred. I was actually sleeping when normal people are supposed to be sleeping.

This is troubling to me, believe it or not, because like a lot of problem sleepers I really do fear having a normal sleep pattern. This fear is a lot like religious people fearing losing their faith, because insomnia is kind of like a religion in itself. There is a certain peace and solace that is achieved during the nether hours that I am sure is a lot like what people achieve through religion.

So, what happened while I was gone? Ha, a lot! It looks like Josh Marshall and his merry band of mischief makers have pushed a major scandal into the news realm, and sooner rather than later Abu Gonzales is going to have to go. Josh and the crew are raising money to expand operations, so consider push a few bucks their way.

Also, the Democrats finally passed legislation to end the war by the end of next year which Bush claims he will veto. Bush might want to reconsider now that his best friends in the neighborhood, the Saudis, have had their King Abdullah state that the occupation of Iraq is illegal. This is a complete turnaround from a few months ago when he summoned Dick Cheney to Riyadh to warn him against leaving Iraq in chaos.

Oh yea, David Gregory managed to thoroughly embarrass himself as he appeared on stage with the rapping MC Rove. (Warning: Seriously disturbing video)

Anyway, I'm back and this morning I got to see a CNN personality I've never seen before. Her name is Anjali Rao. All I can say is more please! Here's a pic. She truly is stunning.

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