Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ted, Just Admit It

It looks like Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is about to head down that road to nowhere, except that nowhere is the federal pen.

As you probably already know the FBI raided his home yesterday. What you might not know is that they also brought along some friends from the IRS, and when they pal along for the ride, let's just say you are about to get fucked in a very uncomfortable place, and I don't mean the back of a Volkswagen.

While it's true that Stevens is innocent until proven guilty, these guys don't make their move until they have you dead to rights.


Anonymous said...

I love Phlip!

JY said...

Hey -- any word on the crime scene in the park by your place?

Phlip said...

Mad love right back at you Anonymous, though I have to admit you're somewhat of a blogwhore. I see your comments on virtually every blog I visit, no matter the subject matter. Seriously, how do you find the time?

JY, I must have been out of town and I haven't heard anything about it. Yea, that's it, I was out of town...Barbados maybe...yes, that's it, I was in Barbados...scuba diving..with Madonna...that's what I'll tell the coppers.