Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh Alberto!

It is pretty clear now that Alberto Gonzales has perjured himself before Congress, which of course is a crime. He likely has committed many other violations as well during his term as Attorney General. So, what do we do?

I think it is obvious that the votes for impeachment are there. There are twenty-two republican Senators up for reelection next year and most of them would be a fool to vote against the impeachment of someone as incompetent, and plainly guilty as Gonzales. Do we give them that opportunity to show off their independent side to their constituents? There are other options such as appointing a special prosecutor to look into the very narrow aspect of his lying to Congress, thus a speedy trial could occur even though President Bush would surely pardon him.

Whichever way the Democrats decide to go, it is hard to imagine someone competent tarnishing their name by filling the spot for the final eighteen months of this failed administration, so things might not get any better. In fact, I have to wonder how much prodding it will take to get Bush to send a name up to the Senate for confirmation.

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