Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How To Fix School Funding

Not really, I'm just responding to the tripe Dick Armey is currently churning out over at Swampland. From Swampland:

Not once [during the Republican debate], was retirement security addressed. It did not rear its head in the form of a question nor as an answer. We heard a great deal about the American family, but no candidate talked about education, or more importantly, the decay within our nation's schools. This month millions of kids are out of school for summer break. If only we could break the stranglehold of union control over the classroom. [emphasis mine]

Yea, I'm sure Armey's friends still in government would rush out to pick up the additional operational costs that year round education would incur. Wait, maybe they would, maybe they would.

What we really need in public education these days are uniforms. Not for the students mind you, but for the educators. After all, police and fire departments have quite strong unions in their own right, but you never hear a conservative bash a cop or fireman over their unions, do you? And they pretty much get whatever funding they want, don't they? The answers to those questions are obvious and the reason is that they are so photogenic for campaign ads. So I say uniforms for teachers!

Make it something zippy, with badges and epaulets, and oh yea, throw in an American flag on the sleeve. It will instantaneously change teachers from evil socialists to great American heroes with their new photogenic garb. Public education would be impossible not to fully fund otherwise you might be depicted in ads for your next election by your opponent as someone who hates America for not funding these great public servants. And your opponent will have ads with folks in uniform to tell your constituents exactly that.

Sure, it's ridiculous, but so is Armey.

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